Judge Schedules Hearing for Carjacking Case

A DC Superior Court judge scheduled a preliminary hearing to determine if a carjacking case has enough evidence to go to trial. 

Co-defendants Adrian Proctor and Montoya Woodfolk, both 21, are charged with attempted unarmed carjacking.

On June 22, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers responded to a call on the 2900 block of V Street, NE. The officers found the defendants inside their crashed car that they allegedly used to to flee the scene of the alleged offense. 

Proctor is also charged with unarmed carjacking in connection with a similar offense reported to have occurred on June 19. The defendant allegedly rear-ended a BMW. When the driver exited the vehicle, the defendant allegedly entered the car and drove off.

During the Sept. 3 hearing, defense attorney Prescott Loveland said he wanted to set a date for the preliminary hearing so the case could move forward.  Woodfolk’s defense attorney, David Cumberbatch, agreed to a late September hearing so that he has time to contact his client. 

Judge Julie Becker scheduled the hearing for Sept. 21.  

Proctor is currently being held at DC Jail. Woodfolk is released under the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP.)