Judge Schedules Preliminary Hearing for Sex Abuse Defendant

A DC Superior Court judge scheduled a hearing to determine if a sex abuse case has enough evidence to go to trial. She also amended the defendant’s release conditions.  

The defendant is charged with second-degree sex abuse and blackmail for allegedly threatening to disclose the victim’s personal information to others if she did not meet with him for sex in 2019. 

The defendant has been on pretrial release with GPS monitoring for over a year. Defense attorney Brandi Harden asked for the monitor to be removed because the defendant has been in full compliance with the conditions of his release.

During the March 31 proceeding, Judge Marisa Demeo granted the defense’s motion to remove the GPS and curfew requirements from the defendant’s conditions of release.

However, Judge Demeo ruled that he will remain under the High Intensity Supervision Program (HISP) to continue monitoring his compliance. 

Judge Demeo scheduled the preliminary hearing for July 30.

Sasha Ridenour wrote this article.