Judge Sentences Domestic Violence Defendant to Nine Years in Prison

On Oct. 7, DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee sentenced a domestic violence to nine-years in prison and three-years supervised release. 

Brian Wesley, 47, was convicted of assault with intent to kill while armed on July 8 in connection to the stabbing of his girlfriend of six years. He was initially charged with assault with the intent to kill while armed on May 7.

“Mr. Wesley broke in and started stabbing me. The first stab I felt was in my head, the next one I felt was in my mouth,” the victim said. 

According to the prosecutor, Wesley stabbed the victim over 50 times. 

“This situation has impacted me severly. I have permanent back damage. I am permanently blind in my left eye, and I just got hand surgery,” the victim told the judge during her impact statement. She was wearing an eye patch on her left eye, a back brace, and a cast on her arm. “I have three kids, three little ones who looked up to Mr. Wesley as a dad.” 

Wesley’s defense attorney, Carrie Weletz said he was not in the right state of mind at the time of the incident. 

“I would like to apologize for the pain and the suffering I have put her through,” Wesley said. “I wasn’t in the right state of mind. I am not a violent person. All I wanted to do was be a good father to her kids and protect them. I consider myself a lover not a fighter.” 

The prosecutor recommended Wesley serve 9.5-17 years in prison. He said the defendant was under the substance of phencyclidine (PCP), an hallucinogenic drug, during the crime. 

Although the victim never reported prior domestic violence incidents, according to the prosecutor, she was physically abused several times throughout the 6-year relationship. 

“You let drug usage take over your life. As long as you rely on PCP, you are a threat to everyone,” Judge Lee said. “You gave the good in you away to PCP. I hope finally treatment helps you.” 

Along with the nine-year sentence, Wesley will also have to complete drug treatment and mental health treatment. 

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