Judge Sentences Domestic Violence Defendant To Three Years

A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a domestic violence defendant to three years.

Lawrence Day pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction on June 29.

Several of the defendant’s friends and family members were present during the Sept. 24 sentencing hearing.

The defendant’s significant other said Day is a good person and needs to be at home to take care of his children. Her sister also spoken court, saying she does not want Day to be locked away forever but thinks he needs to face consequences for his actions.

The prosecution said they understand Day has trauma, but his actions have traumatized others. They said they believe the defendant has a lot of potential to grow from his trauma, and requested mental health services for him both in and out of prison. They also requested a stay away order from his significant other.

Judge Smith granted the prosecution’s stay away order request and also said that Day must register as a gun offender upon his release from prison.

Defense attorney Albert Amissah said his client is a great person whose criminal record does not define him. He also said Day is a loving father who is willing to seek mental health help.

DC Superior Court Judge Judith Smith said she is concerned about the defendant’s criminal record, and Day is lucky no one was hurt during the crime.

Day was sentenced to 36 months for each of the charges. The sentences will run concurrent.

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