Judge Sentences Sex Abuse Defendant to Serve 3 Months

A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a sex abuse defendant to serve three months.

Darius Robinson was initially charged with first-degree sexual abuse. The prosecution accused him of sexually assaulting his friend’s relative in April 2020.

Robinson, 32, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sex abuse in July after making a deal with the prosecution.

“You could be a wonderful person, but you did a terrible thing,” Judge Marisa Demeo told him during the Oct. 1 hearing.

Judge Demeo took both Robinson’s “community ties and employment” and the severity of the crime into account when sentencing him.

Robinson’s defense attorney, Wole Falodun, asked the judge to “not impose any more active incarceration and put him under probation” because his client “had a rough time” while held at DC Jail. A judge decided to detain Robinson during his initial hearing on April 14. He was released into the High Intensity Supervision Program on May 3.

Falodun also said his client “is very sorry for what he did.” 

The prosecution, however, expressed concern that Robinson does not understand the severity of the crime.

“I didn’t mean to do that to her,” Robinson said. “I didn’t know the magnitude of what I did… I hope she gets over what I did to her… I know I was wrong. What’s no is no.”

“It seems you are minimizing what you did,” Judge Demeo told him. She said Robinson’s description of him “misinterpreting” and “misunderstanding” the victim’s protests “does not ring true to the court.” 

Judge Demeo sentenced him to six months, half of which was suspended, plus two years of supervised probation. Conditions of his probation include participating in a sex offender counseling group, receiving drug and alcohol tests and complying with a stay away order.