Judge Sets Jury Selection Date for Sex Abuse Case

On July 1, D.C. Superior Court Judge Marisa Demeo set a jury selection date for a defendant charged with burglary, fourth-degree sex abuse, and two counts of second-degree theft.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Sixth District responded to a possible burglary and was informed that a sexual assault also took place, according to court documents. The complainant reported that she fell asleep in her apartment and awoke because she felt “like “he” was licking her nipples.”

When the defendant was fleeing the scene, he took $100 and a key to a car from the complainant’s keychain.

DNA from the complainant’s nipple area showed there was at least one male contributor. The male DNA matched the defendant.

“I’ve talked to him more than once about it; he’s respectfully considered it,” defense counsel said in reference to a pending plea offer from the prosecution.

Sara Kopecki, the defendant’s defense attorney said he would follow up if his client expresses any interests.

The prosecutor anticipated he would need at least three days for arguments. Defense counsel said she would need at least a half of a day.

The defendant’s next hearing is scheduled for July 20 at 9:30am.