Judge Sets Trial Date for Man Charged with Double Homicide

A trial is set to begin in June of 2020 for a man accused of killing two men in a house in Northeast, DC.

Alphonso Walker,41, is charged with first-degree murder while armed with aggregating circumstances, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, unlawful possession of a firearm with a prior conviction and attempt to commit robbery while armed for allegedly shooting Dalonte Wilson, 23, and Antone Brown, 44. The double homicide occurred on April 25, 2018, on the 400 block of 61st Street, NE. Walker was indicted for the charges on Sept. 25.

With a court calendar open for 2020, DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee agreed to schedule Walker’s trial date on June 2, 2020. A motions hearing is set to occur on June 1, 2020.

The date was set in advance to give the defense time to decide if independent DNA testing would be conducted. However, Walker’s defense attorney, Judith Pipe, said that it is unlikely the defense will conduct independent testing.

Walker also said she does not see any plea negotiations happening before trial.

As of Sept. 27, the prosecution has handed over evidence in the case, and a protective order is pending for a witness’s Grand Jury testimony.

According to court documents, a witness said the shooting occurred after a physical dispute. It is not clear if the witness is the same witness that provided testimony for the Grand Jury.

A ststus hearing is scheduled on Dec. 10. The defense’s decision on independent testing is expected at the hearing.


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