Judge Will Resume Prelim for Unarmed Carjacking Case, Tomorrow

On Sept. 21, a DC Superior Court judge continued a preliminary hearing in a carjacking case for Sept. 22. 

Adrian Proctor, 22, and Montoya Woodfolk, 21, are charged with attempted unarmed carjacking in connection with an incident that took place on June 22 in Northeast, DC. 

Proctor is also charged with unarmed carjacking for allegedly rear-ending a BMW on the 200 block of South Capitol Street, NW on June 19 and driving off in it. 

The prosecution says that Proctor drove to the CVS using the stolen car and tried to use the victim’s credit card. Forensic evidence found Proctor’s fingerprints on the exterior of the car.

According to Proctor’s defense attorney, Prescott Loveland, his client’s fingerprints were only found on the outside of the stolen car. Additionally, a search of his client’s house conducted by police showed that no items stolen from inside the vehicle were found.

Judge Rainey Brandt continued the preliminary hearing to Sept. 22. A Metropolitan Police Department detective, who worked on the case, is expected to testify.