Jury Trial for Drive-by Shooting Unlikely to Happen in 2021

Parties discussed jury trial dates for six of the 10 co-defendants charged in connection with a 2018 drive-by shooting that killed a 10-year-old girl.

Qujuan Thomas, 22, Quentin Michals, 23, Gregory Taylor, 25, Mark Price, 26, Quincy Garvin, 21, and Saquan Williams, 20, are facing charges for first-degree murder while armed, conspiracy, weapon possession, assault the intent to kill, aggravated assault while armed and felony criminal street gang affiliation for their alleged roles in the drive-by shooting of Makiyah Wilson on July 16, 2018, on the 300 block of 53rd Street, NE.

The shooting is alleged to have been the result of a neighborhood rivalry.

Garvin and Williams are also charged with first-degree murder while armed in the shooting of 24-year-old Carl Hardy on Oct. 4, 2017, on the 1200 block of I Street, SE.

DC Superior Court Judge Michael Ryan said it was unlikely they would find a trial date in 2021.

A prosecutor said she had estimated the trial to take around six to eight weeks before adjusting for any impact COVID-19 protocols may have.

Parties discussed setting the trial to take place within the June – July range of 2022. The defendant’s next trial readiness hearing is scheduled for May 10.

Antonio Murchison, 28, Darrise Jeffers, 21, Marquell Cobbs, 19, and Isaiah Murchison, 21, are also charged with murder in Wilson’s death. Another defendant in the case, Quanisha Ramsuer, 27, is charged with obstruction of justice. Their cases were not called during the March 1 hearing. 

Antonio, Isaiah, Jeffers and Cobbs are scheduled to have a trial readiness hearing on March 8.

Ramsuer is not being held in jail. Her next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 3.

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