Manslaughter Sentencing Postponed as Defendant Continues his Education

Parties met in court to discuss the possibility of changing the sentencing date for a young man who pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2019.

Dazmine Anderson, now 20, is awaiting sentencing for the fatal stabbing of 30-year-old Jean-Claude Jackson on Oct. 7, 2018, on the 1300 block of Good Hope Road, SE.  

The defendant was scheduled to be sentenced on March 11. During a hearing that day, defense attorney Madelyn Harvey said her client has been doing very well at the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.  He is close to finishing high school and is expected to get his degree within the next few months. A DYRS official confirmed that he has completed all required community service hours.  

The prosecutor said that if Anderson continued to do well in school and went on to college he would not only be willing to put off the sentencing, but also consider a lighter sentence given that he has been in custody for nearly three-and-a-half years by now.

 DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee asked if the victim’s family was alright with this decision.  The prosecution responded saying the family had been disappointed with the plea agreement from the beginning and had stopped contacting the prosecuting attorney.

Judge Lee accepted the joint decision from the prosecution and defense and rescheduled the sentencing for June 24.