Motion Hearing Continued Due To Missing Evidence

A matter was continued in a Feb. 7 hearing due to missing evidence in a double homicide case.

Alphonso Walker, 45, is being charged with first-degree murder in connection to the deaths of Dalonte Wilson, 23, and Antone Brown, 44. The shooting occurred in the 400 block of 61 Street, NE on April 25, 2018. 

D.C. Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt gave a warning to both parties on the conduct presented before the court. “This isn’t about your egos, it’s about Mr. Walker…Cut it out,” Judge Brandt said.

Defense attorneys Kevann Gardner and Prescott Loveland argued for a motion to dismiss due to deleted and missing body-worn camera footage and notes from police officers at the scene the day of the incident. Officers have still yet to turnover case notes from five years ago.

Judge Brandt requested the officer take the stand to provide more information about the missing case notes on Feb 9. 

“Nothing associated in this case is more important than this missing information,” Judge Brandt said.

Judge Brandt continued the matter due to information that needed to be reviewed.

The next hearing is scheduled to discuss a different motion on Feb. 8.

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