Murder Defendant Considers Plea Deal

Defense counsel told Sept. 13 a DC Superior Court judge that she has discussed the prosecution’s plea offer with her client and they are still considering it.

Daquan Gray is charged with first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and carrying a pistol without a license. Gray, 17, allegedly shot 15-year-old  Jalyn Wheeler on the 600 Block of Alabama Avenue, SE on May 16, 2018. Gray is being charged as an adult. 

Gray’s counsel, Dana Page, said the defense was not prepared to proceed with independent DNA testing at this time.   

Page also waived the defendant’s presence for the proceedings. Gray is currently released  under the high intensity supervision program (HISP). 

The prosecution agreed to leave the plea deal open. A deadline for the plea offer was not discussed in open court. 

Page asked to approach the bench and had an undisclosed conversation with DC Superior Court Judge Craig Iscoe and the prosecution. No further details about the conversation were discussed in open court. 

A status hearing is scheduled on Oct. 25.