Murder Defendant Requests More Time to Review Evidence

A defense attorney requested to continue his client’s hearing to review new evidence. 

The defendant, 19-year-old Mequan Carthens, was arrested on March 26. He is charged with second-degree murder of 36-year-old Lagioria Brinkley in the 1900 block of 16th Street, SE on March 20.

Carthens’ presence was waived for the hearing on June 11. 

Defense attorney Kevann Gardner said that he requested the continuation because the prosecution recently provided additional video evidence that has not yet been shared with Carthens due to DC Jail restrictions. 

Gardner said that he is working with the jail to deliver the new evidence to Carthens. 

Judge Todd Edelman granted Carthens’ counsel the continuation, which has been rescheduled from June 11 to June 18.

Carthens remains in confinement without bail.