Murder Defendant Requests Removal of One of His Attorneys

A murder defendant requested that one of his attorneys removed during a status hearing on Oct. 21.

In November of 2018 Marquette Jordan was indicted on first-degree murder while armed, robbery while armed, threat to kidnap or injure a person, assault with a dangerous weapon, simple assault and carrying a dangerous weapon outside a home or office with a prior felony for allegedly stabbing 58-year-old Ivan Lynch, a resident of Hyattsville, Md., on the 900 block of 5th Street, SE. Jordan, 28, was initially charged with second-degree murder while armed.

Defense attorney Khadijah Ali said Jordan expressed that he would like to represent himself when she and her co-counsel Howard McEachern, who was not present in court, visited the defendant over the weekend.

Ali also said that she wanted Jordan to have a forensic evaluation done and thought it would be best if new counsel could be placed on the case.

However, in court, Jordan said he actually wanted Ali removed from the case and McEachern to stay on as his counsel.

Jordan also requested that he be able to see his full interview with police because he said he had only been shown ten minutes of the interview that lasted more than an hour.

He also asked for all the surveillance footage the prosecution gathered because he believed that times of the incident had been tampered with.

Since McEachern was not in court, DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee continued the hearing. Judge Lee said he wanted McEachern could be present to respond to Jordan’s request. The hearing is continued to Oct. 22.

The prosecutor also agreed to send Jordan all surveillance footage. The prosecutor said she also sent grand jury documents to the defense.

Jordan is being held at DC Jail without bail.