Murder Defendant Returns to Jail After Disrupting A Victim’s Brother’s Impact Statement

A judge ordered a murder defendant to return to jail after he continuously disrupted a victim’s brother’s impact statement.

Donnell Mills, 30, is charged with first-degree murder while armed and attempt to commit armed robbery while armed for allegedly stabbing Jelani Mohammed, 38, on the 1500 block of Benning Road, NE on Nov. 8, 2018. Mills’ co-defendant in the case is Dale Thomas, 28.

The outburst stemmed from statements  DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee allowed Mohammed’s family to give Oct. 16 after defense counsel, Lisbeth Sapirstein, said Mills would take a plea deal. 

The victim’s brother spoke about  surveillance footage in which a person is seen attacking the victim. The defendant “viciously attacked my brother from behind,” the brother said.

Before the brother could complete his statement, Mills said, “I dont give a f*** what was on the video.” 

Mills also mumbled throughout the brother’s statement. 

In response to the disruptions, Judge Lee ordered the court marshals to detain the defendant and take him back to DC Jail. 

“You killed my brother and you get mad at me for speaking my mind,” the brother said. “See, he doesn’t care.” 

After a discussion with counsel at the bench, Judge Lee decided to reschedule the status hearing. 

The hearing is rescheduled to continue on Oct. 22. Thomas, who is pending a grand jury, was scheduled for a felony arraignment on Oct. 25, however the hearing was vacated. Another hearing has not been scheduled, according to DC Courts.