Murder Defendants Plead Guilty

On Dec. 12, two co-defendants pleaded guilty to their involvement in the death of a man in 2015.

 Antonio Brown pleaded guilty to second-degree murder while armed for shooting Charles Welch on the 1800 block of Irving St, NW. Brown’s co-defendant, Amanda Turner also pleaded guilty to one charge of felony threat and two counts of obstruction of justice. Brown, 30, and Turner, 41, were initially charged with first-degree murder while armed.

According to a proffer of facts, the prosecution said it would have been able to prove that Brown shot and killed Welch. The prosecution also said Turner, who was Brown’s girlfriend at the time, threatened a witness, telling the person that “they were next.” In addition to the verbal threat, Turner also sent threatening text messages to another witness and attempted to bribe witnesses with drugs.

According to the plea agreement, Brown could receive a 19 year sentence for the murder. His additional charges would be dropped. He is being held without bond.

Turner’s plea deal  would drop charges for possession of a firearm during a crime of violence and two additional counts of obstruction of justice. The agreement would also remove a stay away order that kept Turner away from her mother’s home. Turner is still released on personal recognizance.

Brown and Turner are scheduled to be sentenced on March 8, 2019.