Murder Trial for 2015 Homicide Set Four Years Later

At a trial readiness hearing, the judge presiding over a 2015 homicide case rescheduled the trial for a new date in 2019.

Antonio Brown, 30, allegedly shot Charles Welch, 25, on the 1800 block of Harvard St., NW. His girlfriend Amanda Turner, 39, was allegedly waiting in the car.

The fourth change of the trial’s date was in response to a request from counsel because they needed more time to secure witnesses and file motions relevant to the case. Both parties wanted to secure experts to review Brown’s medical records.

DC Superior Court Judge Ronna L. Beck scheduled the new trial date on Jan. 3, 2019.  She said the new date should give the defense and prosecution enough time to get expert witnesses.

Brown and Turner’s next status hearing is scheduled for Sept. 7.