Parties Deliver Closing Arguments in Murder Trial

Parties presented their closing arguments in a first-degree murder trial.

Robert Dean, 63, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly stabbing 38-year-old Tamiya White with a screwdriver on March 31, 2018. White was found on the 1900 block of 9th Street, NE, suffering from multiple stab wounds. It was later determined that the stabbing occurred on the 1000 block of Mount Olivet Road, NE.

Dean’s defense attorneys, Jonathan Armstrong and Anthony Matthews, argued their client acted in self-defense, with one of them calling White a “200-pound screwdriver wielding psychotic on PCP,” who Dean had to defend himself against.

The prosecution argued that Dean committed first-degree murder with deliberation and premeditation, reviewing the DNA evidence as well as the cell phone records presented in the case. They allege he said, “I killed that b****,” and, “I hope she dies.”

After the closing arguments, Judge Marisa Demeo gave the jury their deliberation instructions. Jury deliberations will continue on Nov. 3.