Plea Deal Sparks Anger from Father of Woman Killed in February

The father of a 34-year-old woman killed in February addressed a DC Superior Court judge after the defendant charged in her death accepted a plea deal.

Miana Luckett was shot to death on the afternoon of Feb. 22. Officers found her lying on a sidewalk alongside the 1500 block of North Capitol Street, NE, with a single gunshot wound to the chest, according to court documents. Ronnie Thorne, 23, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder while armed two weeks later.

During the most recent hearing for this case on May 13, Thorne pleaded down to voluntary manslaughter while armed. As part of the plea deal she took, parties agreed to recommend a nine-year prison sentence.

The prosecutor told Judge Robert Okun the victim’s family was in the courtroom and would like to be heard. 

Luckett’s father addressed the court, saying he disagrees with Judge Okun’s decision to accept the plea and imploring him to reconsider. He wanted Thorne sentenced to 30 years, the maximum penalty for voluntary manslaughter. 

“We had one child who has three daughters who will never come back to us again,” he said. 

Judge Okun said he would consider what the victim’s father said but did accept the plea. 

Family members were visibly emotional as the defendant was led out of the courtroom. “Go to Hell,” the father said, staring at her. 

Thorne is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 5.