Deadline for Plea Offer Extended in Child Sex Abuse Case

A prosecutor extended the deadline for a plea offer in a child sex abuse case.

The defendant is accused of molesting two girls less than 14-years-old over multiple years. One of the children is his godchild. He allegedly admitted to touching the victims but said he doesn’t know what happened, according to court documents. 

On March 28, 2021, the 51-year-old defendant was charged with second-degree child sex abuse and released on his promise to return to court.

The plea offer in this case was set to expire on the day of the Jan. 24 hearing, the prosecutor said. She agreed to continue it until the next hearing so defense attorney Rachel Cicurel can have more time to speak with her client.

The defendant’s appearance was waived for this hearing. Parties are slated to reconvene on Feb. 15.