Judge Finds Probable Cause for September 2021 Homicide Case

After reviewing evidence, a judge found probable cause during a preliminary hearing for a homicide case on June 8. 

On Sept 10, 2021, at 9:41 p.m., Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to a report of gunshots on the 100 block of Kennedy Street, NW. Officers found Delonte Hazel, 31, with gunshot wounds in a vehicle parked behind a building. Kevin Singletary, 44, who is also known as Kelvin Singletery or Kelvin Singletary, was charged in December 2021 with first-degree murder while armed in connection to Hazel’s homicide. 

Singletary has been held at DC Jail since his arrest. During his preliminary hearing, the prosecutor aimed to establish probable cause in the case by presenting three primary exhibits of evidence – a map of the crime scene, an arrest warrant and a DNA report.

The arrest warrant included stills of videos captured by night-vision cameras and a local store’s security footage. DNA evidence was performed on a cartridge casing retrieved from the scene of the crime. 

A detective provided detailed information on Hazel and Singletary’s whereabouts prior to the shooting, his identification of Singletary, and reviewed the prosecutor’s evidence. 

According to the detective, Singletary wore reflective shoes and a shirt bearing a Nike insignia and an NFL insignia. In addition, local store security footage captured a clear face shot of Singletary. Although surveillance footage didn’t capture the shooting itself, the detective said Singletary was the only individual seen fleeing the crime scene. 

Defense attorney Howard McEachern said Hazel had “beef” with multiple people prior to the shooting that same day, including an individual Hazel intended to rob, an individual looking for Hazel, and Singletary, who Hazel had an altercation with at a funeral. 

According to witness rumors, cited by McEachern, Singletary killed Hazel due to this argument. Yet, another rumor alleges that one of the individuals Hazel had a confrontation with set Singletary up. 

 “All of these witnesses are intertangled,” McEachern said. 

Following cross-examination of the detective, the prosecutor noted that the arrest warrant alone found probable cause that Singletary committed the homicide. The prosecutor also cited an “overwhelming DNA result” implicating Singletary. The consistency of clothing across footage, along with direct face shots of Singletary, corroborated the prosecutor’s arguments.  

Yet, McEarchern contended that the night vision cameras didn’t provide consistent evidence of Singletary’s clothing.

“[We] have no idea from the night vision what the person is wearing,” McEachern said. In Singletary’s defense, he indicated that there is no video evidence of Singletary and Hazel being in the same presence.  

Judge Marisa Demeo found probable cause and decided to continue to hold Singletary in DC Jail. “There is no condition or combination of conditions that will ensure the safety of the community,” Judge Demeo said. 

Singletary is scheduled to appear in court next on July 25.