Prosecution Extends Carjacking Co-Defendants Plea Offer

A DC Superior Court judge continued an Oct. 21 hearing to give the defense time to review a plea offer from the prosecution.

Montoya Woodfolk and Adrian Proctor are both charged with attempted unarmed carjacking for an incident on June 22. 

Proctor allegedly forcefully removed a man from the driver’s side of a vehicle and unsuccessfully tried to drive off. He allegedly took items from the car and fled the scene by going off in an SUV that Woodfolk was allegedly operating on the 2800 block of V Street, NE. 

Proctor is also charged with unarmed carjacking for allegedly rear-ending a vehicle and driving off with it after the driver exited on June 19 on the 200 block of South Capitol Street, NW. 

The prosecution extended the plea offer on Oct. 19. 

Proctor’s attorney, Prescott Loveland, said he has not had a chance to talk to his client about it yet. 

Proctor, 22, is currently being held in DC Jail. Woodfolk, 21, is on release with orders to report to the Pretrial Services Agency (PSA.)  

Judge Erik Christian scheduled the defendants’ next court appearance for Dec. 1.