Prosecution Requests Continuance for Hearing

DC Superior Court Judge Danya Dayson issued a continuance for brothers, Daivion and Dijon Williams’ murder hearing. 

Daivion, 22 and Dijon, 21 were released under home confinement following their involvement in the fatal shooting of Nurudeen Thomas. The incident occurred on the 4100 block of 14th Street, NW on July, 21 2020. The brothers have been charged with felony murder while armed. 

The hearing was continued due COVID -19 restrictions making it difficult for the defendants to appear in court.

The Jan. 21 proceeding also served as a pretrial show cause hearing for Daivion. During the proceeding Judge Dayson addressed three curfew violations for the defendant. She determined that the violations were due to tardiness in checking in with Pretrial Services rather than flagrant noncompliance.

Judge Dayson stressed that Daivion must follow the conditions of his home confinement.

Although the show cause hearing did not pertain to Dijon, the judge verbally warned him for his multiple failures to call and check in with pretrial services.

According to court documents, the brothers conspired with other suspects to rob Thomas, 30, but the altercation ended in homicide. Directly after the incident the group drove to Georgia, where the Williams brothers currently reside. The brothers were detained and a search warrant was executed for their house and vehicle. Forensic evidence revealed that Thomas was shot in the defendants’ vehicle. 

The hearing is scheduled to continue on Feb. 26 to give the prosecution time to determine when it would be best to order the defendants to present themselves at the DC Superior Court for booking.

Vallen Anderson wrote this article.

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