Prosecution Says It Needs Nine Months to Issue Indictment

During a felony status conference March 15, a prosecutor said he would need at least nine months to issue an indictment for a 41-year-old murder defendant.

Alphonso Walker, 41, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Dalonte Wilson, 23, and Antone Brown, 44, on the 400 block of 61st Street, NE on April 25, 2018.

The prosecution told DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee that progress was being made towards issuing an indictment, but it could possibly take until December.

“Nine months should not be the norm,” said Judith Pipe, Walker’s defense lawyer. “There is only one witness who identifies Mr. Walker.”

The prosecutor said he “is trying to move up the case but has other trial schedules.”

The prosecutor also said he hasn’t made a decision on testing DNA from the crime scene or items in the defendant’s home. However, the prosecutor said that “testing or not testing won’t impact the issuing time of the indictment.”

The felony status conference is scheduled to continue on June 7.

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