Prosecution Says Man Murders Cousin, Defense Says ‘No Evidence’

During closing arguments, the prosecution reiterated several motives that would cause a man to murder his own cousin.

Gary “Little Gary” Proctor is charged with first-degree murder while armed, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, unlawful possession of firearm during a crime of violence, carrying a pistol outside a home or business and unlawful possession of ammunition for his alleged involvement in the death of Jerome “Beanie” Diggs, 47. The crime occurred inside the victim’s house located on the 1300 block of First Street, SW on July 27, 2015.

The prosecutor explained the evidence piece-by-piece, saying it shows that the defendant had several reasons to murder the victim, including drugs, a family dispute and snitching. 

During the investigation, police searched Proctor’s 2012 Toyota Corolla and recovered a piece of paper with a list of names and dollar amounts next to them. The list included Diggs’ name with the amount of $120 written out next to it.

According to several sources, the victim had a drug addiction problem and used crack-cocaine on a daily basis. Diggs allegedly bought drugs from the defendant, who, in turn, sold drugs out of the victim’s house.

Apparently, Proctor lived with his mother in a government-issued residence. 

According to the prosecution, Proctor’s mother was caught him selling drugs to to a woman Diggs was in a relationship with. “You better not be selling drugs inside of my home,” the mother said after she caught the defendant.

The prosecutor also said a witness told the court that Diggs told Proctor that he could no longer sell drugs from his home, either.

But, the defense said there was no hard evidence to prove that Proctor was the person who killed Diggs.

“My client, Gary Proctor, is not guilty,” defense attorney, Steven Kiersh, said.

Furthermore, Kiersh said that the only eyewitness in the case is the victim himself.  Kiersh said the prosecution was relying on the alleged declaration that a dying man supposedly made through a phone call.

According to the victim’s sister, Diggs called her after he was shot and said “Little Gary” shot him.

The jury began deliberations on July 31.