Records show victim’s visit not so ‘unexpected’

On Feb. 12, the prosecution rebutted the defense’s claim of an unexpected visit as a cause to the decedent’s death in a 2015 homicide by presenting phone records.

The government called a custodian of records from T-Mobil USA to expose Davon Peyton’s phone records on the night of Ray Andre Harrison’s death.

Although Peyton’s attorneys, Matthew Davies and Joseph Wong, alleged that Harrison showed up at Peyton’s apartment unexpectedly on the night he was shot, the phone records showed that Harrison, 21, called Peyton, 27, twice after midnight.

Even though the records showed that Peyton did not answer any calls from Harrison, they also showed that Peyton made outgoing calls after Harrison’s calls went to voicemail.

During cross examination, Wong stressed the fact that Harrison’s calls went to voicemail and that Peyton never actually spoke to Harrison.

In addition to the phone records, the prosecution also called two DNA experts to corroborate that Harrison was allegedly shot with Peyton’s gun.

Peyton has been charged with second-degree murder while armed. The trial is expected to continue on Feb. 13.