Serial Groper Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

On Oct. 4, DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun sentenced a sex abuse defendant to a total of three-years in prison, three-years supervised release and 10 years as a registered sex offender. 

The Frank Borden, 30, sexually assaulted at least eight women in the Dupont Circle area between Jan. 21 and Feb. 5, grabbing each woman’s buttocks and in several cases, grinning or signaling for the victim to shush afterwards.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, defendant groped women at the following locations:

Jan. 21:

  • 900 block of New York Avenue, NW

Feb. 3:

  • 1700 block of Q Street, NW
  • 1600 block of Massachusetts Avenue, NW
  • 17th and P Streets, NW

Feb. 5:

  • 2400 block of 18th Street, NW
  • 1900 block of 17th Street, NW
  • 1700 block of 17th Street, NW

The defendant was arrested and charged on Feb. 7 with assault with intent to commit third-degree sex abuse and two counts of misdemeanor sex abuse.

“Eight months later, I am still trying to learn how to walk by myself,” the first victim said in her victim impact statement. She said she sought counseling after the incident. “I could not walk my dog alone, I could not walk to work.

“Women’s bodies are not Mr. Borden’s toys. Women’s bodies are not up for grabs.”

The first victim, who had just finished law school, said the first case that landed her in a courtroom had been her own assault.

She said she endured “victim-blaming” when officers questioned why she didn’t report the assault earlier. The victim said she called the police within 48 hours.

“People don’t report [sexual assaults] because prosecutors don’t actually care about what happened to them,” she said, emphasizing her frustration with prosecutors.

The second victim said the incident left her feeling “anger and confusion.”

“I wondered if making eye contact prompted him to follow me,” she said, trying to understand why Borden would do such things. “Was it to make us feel scared? Was it to assert power over us just because he could?”

Borden could be seen shaking his head as she asked these questions.

Judge Okun noted, in his decision to give the maximum sentence, that Borden did not show remorse for his actions, either in the way he reacted to the impact statements or in his comments in the pre-sentencing report.

According to Judge Okun, Borden said “everyone gets the business,” which indicated his lack of remorse.

Borden’s defense attorney, Todd Baldwin, requested that the judge consider a sentence of 14 months and one day, saying “there are worse sexual assaults.” Baldwin brought to attention that Borden’s criminal history only started after he found his mother deceased. Baldwin also said the defendant had sexual trauma in his past. 

“The first time I met with him, he was out of control,” Baldwin said, explaining that the defendant, at the time of the incident, was homeless and having a manic episode.

Judge Okun agreed that Borden had improved but was still in need of mental health help. As part of his sentence, Judge Okun said he would request that Borden receive mental health treatment, sexual assault counseling and anger management.

When Judge Okun made his ruling, Borden became visibly animated. He began cursing loudly, saying “what the fuck you talking about, man?” The marshals removed him from the courtroom, but he could be heard through the door as Judge Okun concluded the sentencing.

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