Sex Abuse Defendant’s Probation Compliance Improves, Judge Finds No Violations

After multiple hearings in which probation issues were raised, D.C. Superior Court Judge Craig Iscoe said he is recognizing improvement in a convicted defendant’s ability to comply with his release requirements.

Marcus Frederick entered a guilty plea for attempted first-degree child sex abuse, simple assault, and violation of a civil protection order in September of 2019 for sex offenses with his juvenile neighbor.

Frederick, 53, was previously struggling to comply with his probation requirements including regular drug testing, submitting monthly payments to the Victims of Violent Crimes (VVC) fund, and attending psychological sexual offender treatments after his release in 2020.

The court was made aware of Frederick’s non-compliance issues in June of 2022 when he failed to attend his polygraph appointment as well as six consecutive drug testing appointments. He also repeatedly failed the drug tests he had taken up until that point.

Because he began experiencing COVID-19 symptoms hours before the hearing was scheduled, Frederick’s attorney, Jacqueline Cadman, made a last-second decision, advising him to remain outside of the courthouse and appear virtually.

Since June, Frederick has been able to improve upon these issues. He has been able to obtain and secure employment and has been consistently attending his scheduled probation appointments.

Though Judge Iscoe recognized his improvement, Frederick still has yet to pass his court-ordered drug tests and make any of his required VVC fund payments. However, Judge Isoce told Frederick he wants to see him succeed and did not find any probation violations.

Judge Iscoe ordered Frederick to begin attending the psychological sex offender treatments, resume making monthly VVC fund payments and requested he undergo an alcohol addiction assessment due to him repeatedly failing drug tests.

“Keep up the good work, and don’t give me a reason to revoke probation” Judge Iscoe told Frederick.

All parties are scheduled to return for another show cause hearing on May 18.

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