Tavon Pickney pleads guilty to murder of Rico Myers

As part of a plea deal, Tavon Pickney pleaded guilty to the murder of Rico Myers last February and could serve 17 years in prison if a judge accepts the arrangement.

The murder was a result of a robbery gone awry, in which the three defendants tried to rob Myers and his friend during a drug deal.

Pickney’s accomplices, William Bass, 18, and Kalif Brown, 22, also pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Pickney, 20, Bass, 18, and Brown, 22, drove to the 300 block of 61st Street, NE to buy PCP from Myers and Myers’ friend in an alley. When the three arrived Pickney allegedly pointed a gun at Myers and his friend, demanding that they give him their “possessions.” Then, Bass allegedly robbed Myers and Brown robbed Myers’ friend. Myers attempted to defend himself, and was shot by Pickney four times.

According to court documents, the three defendants were offered a plea deal on April 22, and pleaded guilty Friday. The U.S Attorney’s Office suggested Pickney serve 17 years in prison for second-degree murder while armed and Brown serve five years in prison for robbery. Bass’ sentencing will be determined by the judge and the sentencing guidelines, a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

The final sentencing will be decided by the judge on July 8.