Three alleged Independence Day shooters appear in court

A judge granted permission for the government to do DNA testing of blood drops found at the scene of Dwayne Dillard’s homicide.

The three men charged with Dillard’s death appeared in court this week in a preliminary hearing.

Shakim Lyons, 26, Jonathan Taylor, 24, and Harry Herbert, 27 were arrested in Aug. 2015 and charged with second-degree murder while armed for the fatal shooting of Dwayne Dillard on July 4 in the 2600 block of Douglass Place, SE. Their next court is April 22.

The prosecuting attorney in this case, Channing Phillips, requested that D.C. courts grant permission for additional DNA testing of blood drops from the scene. Phillips said he would let the defense know the results from the lab, as long as the defense allows the government to do the testing without the defense present. Defense attorneys, Natalie Lawson, Gene Johnson, and Frances D’Antuono agreed to the terms.


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