Three Defendants Held on Domestic Violence Charges During Initial Hearings

During presentment hearings on June 8, DC Superior Court Judge Shelly Mulkey held three out of seven domestic violence defendants. 

In total, 25 defendants were presented to the court at presentments. Seven of these were domestic violence cases and none were homicide-related. 

Judge Mulkey held a defendant charged with assault with a dangerous weapon due to their previous criminal record and allegations of the case. The defendant allegedly pointed a gun at the complaining witness. Her grandmother reportedly stood between them and said, “you will not shoot my granddaughter.”

The defendant was convicted of prison breach in 2014 and has had eight bench warrants executed in the past. Judge Mulkey noted these when stating her decision to hold the defendant at the jail pending his next hearing.

One defendant is charged in three separate domestic violence cases. The charges for these cases are all simple assault with one also having a destruction of property charge. The defendant was held due to other earlier domestic abuse charges being tied to the same victim. They were also given stay away orders.

The final defendant held is charged with simple assault and contempt of court. The defendant has another case pending involving the same complaining witness, and Juge Mulkey said she was concerned that he would not follow court orders if released since he allegedly violated the court’s stay away order in the pending case.

All held defendants are to return to court at the end of June.

The judge released two defendants who are charged with new domestic violence cases and two who were brought in on bench warrants for failing to appear at their hearings. 

A simple assault and attempted threats to do bodily harm defendant was given GPS monitoring and stay away orders. The other defendant is charged with simple assault, attempted threats and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon. He was ordered not to harass, assault, threaten or stalk (HATS) the complaining witness.

The two defendants brought in on bench warrants were released with orders to return to court in the next few weeks.

Finally, there was one defendant whose case could not be heard because they are in the hospital. Their case was continued to June 9.