Three Murder Defendants Held in Solitary Confinement for Disciplinary Infractions

During a status hearing Nov 12, counsel for the DC Department of Corrections said three murder defendants are being held in protective housing, or solitary confinement, for disciplinary infractions.

Qujuan Thomas, Antonio Murchison, and Mark Tee Price are charged with first-degree murder for their alleged involvement in the shooting of 10-year-old Makiyah Wilson on the 300 block of 53 Street, NE on July 16, 2018. Quanisha Ramsuer is charged with obstruction of justice in relation to the shooting.

Darrise Jeffers along with Saquan Williams, Quincy Garvin, Mark Tee Price, Isaiah Murchison, Antonio Murchison, Gregory Taylor, Marquell Cobbs, Qujuan Thomas, and Quentin Michals are also charged with first-degree murder., The defendants were not present at the hearing on Nov. 12 because they are not being held in solitary confinement..

Eric Glover,general counsel for the DC Department of Corrections, told DC Superior Court Judge Ronna Lee Beck that Price was being held in protective housing for a contraband violation, Thomas for fighting, and Murchison for assaulting jail staff.

Price’s attorney, Howard McEachern, told Judge Beck  t hat Price was found not guilty for having the alleged contraband.

 Kristin McGough, Thomas’ defense attorney, said that the fight took place near the end of August, and Thomas received a 30-day sentence in solitary for it. She said the sentence should have expired before today’s hearing.

Jason Clark, Murchison’s defense attorney, told Judge Beck that his client was also found not guilty of assaulting jail staff.

Glover said he did not have all the information he needed to proceed with the hearing.

“What’s become clear is that there is a lot of confusion,” Judge Beck said. She decided to solve any outstanding issues at the next hearing.

All ten co-defendants are scheduled for a status hearing on Dec. 2.

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