Trial Begins For 2016 Murder Defendant

Gabriel Carlos Turner was unknowingly caught in the middle of a dangerous situation that resulted in his death, according to the prosecution. The man believed to be responsible begins trial on July 10.

A judge charged Kelby Gordon with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Turner, 46, on the 2600 block of Birney Place, SE  in 2016. Gordon is also charged with attempted robbery while armed and attempted assault with intent to kill.

The prosecution showed area surveillance footage from Birney Place, which shows two individuals walking in the same direction as Turner. 

One unnamed suspect is seen running from the other individual, whom the prosecution believes to be Gordon, 32, when multiple shots are fired. 

The prosecution told the jury that they have reason to believe Gordon was walking down the sidewalk behind Turner when he saw the unnamed suspect with some money in his hand. Gordon allegedly pulled out his gun and approached to steal the money. The unnamed suspect is also believed to have been armed.

During opening statements, the prosecution said Turner was on his way to the bus after visiting his mother for breakfast. According to counsel, Turner was not the intended target. 

“One shot, that was all it took and he immediately fell to the ground,” said the prosecutor after she showed the jury a video of the shooting.

Gordon’s defense attorney, Richard Holliday, said his client is not the man responsible for Turner’s death and suggests that the armed, unnamed individual could be to blame. Holliday told the jury that Turner was caught between two shooters but, “Mr. Kelby is neither of those individuals.” 

Gordon’s trial continued on July 12.