Two Domestic Violence Defendants Held During Presentments

Nine domestic violence and one sexual abuse defendant were released during presentments on Aug. 24. An additional two domestic violence defendants were held.

A total of 26 defendants were brought before Judge Judith Pipe

One of those defendants was charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and second-degree sex abuse of a minor. He was given orders to stay away from anyone who has gone to or is currently going to the high school at which he worked. He also cannot have contact with anyone less than 18-years-old. 

A domestic violence defendant was charged with attempted threats to do bodily harm. The defendant allegedly yelled, ”I am going to break down this door and kill you” at a woman while he was being supervised by a police officer to remove his belongings from her home. 

The defendant had previously appeared in presentments on Aug. 23 on another domestic violence case where he was ordered to stay away from the woman, prompting the police escort. He was held at DC Jail.  

Another domestic violence defendant was charged with simple assault and held due to having other open domestic violence cases. 

Both held domestic violence defendants are scheduled to return to court on Sept. 14.

There were 10 released domestic violence defendants, whose charges include: simple assault, attempted possession of a prohibited weapon, attempted second-degree cruelty to children, and attended threat to do bodily harm. All defendants were given stay away orders, while one defendant was given a no Harass, Assault, Threaten or Stalk order.

 All released defendants are scheduled to return to court on Nov. 22.