‘We can’t blame whoever is most convenient,’ Defense Attorney Says

During opening statements the prosecution and defense showed both the suspect and the victim as young men with a lot of life ahead.

Michael Francis “Mickey” Taylor

Mason Binion, 32, allegedly shot Michael Francis Taylor, 21, on June 22, 2008, on the 600 block of Farragut street., NW. Binion is charged with first-degree murder while armed. He is currently released on personal recognizance. 

The prosecutor said Taylor was only 21 and was planning on continuing his degree in criminal justice with hopes of working for the government. 

According to multiple witnesses, Taylor was a joyful and fun person to be around. 

But, Binion’s defense attorney, Kristin McGough, spoke about the events of that morning. She said that the prosecution was doing a poor job of painting a full picture of Taylors’ day. More happened that day the prosecution did not want the jury to know about, said the defense. 

According to a witness, there was an altercation in the neighborhood on the day of the shooting. Apparently, Taylor pulled out a gun and shot into the air.

 McGough said that if he was willing and able to shoot a gun into the air, then he is not completely innocent. 

“We can’t blame whoever is most convenient,” McGough said.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Jan. 29.

Victor Carvajal’s case was dismissed the day before opening statements. Carvajal was also charged with first-degree murder while armed. Joshua Ellis Massaquoi, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, is also charged with first-degree murder. He is being held at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, DC’s psychiatric hospital

This article was written by Jailynn Caraballo.