‘I’m willing to take a risk,’ Judge Says

During a felony status conference on Feb. 14, a judge granted the defense’s request for release. 

Terrance Barnes, also known as Michael Barnes, 30, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Barry Holmes, 57, on the 5100 block of Southern Avenue., SE, on April. 17, 2019. 

Previously, during a felony arraignment on Feb. 7, Barnes was assessed for drug treatment and found eligible for short term residential treatment. 

Barnes’s defense attorney, Jeffrey D. Stein, requested that he be released. Stein said Barnes had no priors, a spotless record, and was found eligible for drug treatment, he should be placed in an in-patient drug treatment program and then released to home-stay with 24-hour supervision. 

Stein also told DC  Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz that Barnes’s former employer was present and willing to testify that he was a model employee and a good person.  

Barnes’s alleged crime was not a random act of violence, and therefore he would not be a danger to the community, Stein said.

 Witness statements showed that Holmes had insulted Barnes’s religion and that it was an act of retaliation. 

The prosecution opposed the release, saying it was a random act of violence, making him dangerous and unpredictable. 

He also said Barnes should not be released because, due to his drug abuse and potential mental health problems, he could fall back into his pattern and be a danger to the community. 

“I’m willing to take a risk with Barnes”, said Judge Kravitz. 

Judge Kravitz ordered Barnes be released to the high intensity supervision program (HISP), with a 24-hour home confinement and a GPS tracking device. Barnes is not allowed to leave his home for any reason other than to go see his pretrial officer. 

He also ordered that Barmes receive a 30-day drug treatment at a facility. 

Barnes is scheduled for a felony status hearing on April 3. 

This article was written by Lea Giasnasso. 

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