Judge Urges More Rehab for Defendant After Passing Drug Test

On May 30, DC Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz required a defendant to continue court-sanctioned rehabilitation meetings, despite the defendant’s negative drug test. 

Keon Mitchell, 25, was charged with carrying a pistol without a license, for his alleged involvement in a non-fatal shooting. The incident occurred on June 24, 2022, on the 5000 block of Hayes St, NE. 

Following his arrest, the defendant was placed in the Reintegrating Alternative Personal Program (RAPP), from which he was discharged for having his first negative drug test on May 24. 

That implies he is on the path to recovery. His attorney celebrated Mitchell’s good result, and requested an extension for a plea bargain under consideration. 

The attorney said that Mitchell had just recently become sober, thus needing more time to process the plea. He requested an additional three weeks before another hearing. 

Judge Leibovitz remarked on Mitchell’s improved appearance, and said he “looked good” following his recent involvement in the program. 

Mitchell is currently living with his grandmother. As a recovered drug addict herself, his grandmother understands what Mitchell is going through and said she will stand with him throughout his recovery.

She maintains that Mitchell is doing well and she has seen an improvement in the defendant.

Mitchell is also participating in Project Empowerment, a transitional employment program that aims to ensure job security for D.C. residents facing barriers to employment.

As Mitchell continues in the program, he said to Judge Leibovitz that “[he] is past sanction base”. 

Judge Leibovitz answered that “If [he] thinks that [he’s] past sanction base, then [he] doesn’t understand how serious drug addiction is”. She then urged him to stay sober and clean, and to continue doing regular drug tests. 

Mitchell’s next court hearing is scheduled for June 28. 

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