Assault Defendant Serves 7 Months in Prison for Stabbing An Elderly Man

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DC Superior Court Judge Jennifer Di Toro
sentenced a female defendant to two years, suspending all but seven months for assault.  

Janette George, 37, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon of a senior citizen, simple assault of a senior citizen, carrying a dangerous weapon outside of a home, and assault with a dangerous weapon against a minor for an incident that took place on Nov. 6, 2023, on the 60th block of O Street, SW.

During the sentencing on June 21, the prosecution argued that the seriousness of George’s crime and the involvement of a senior citizen had to be taken into account in her sentencing. 

The prosecutor said the elderly man was experiencing pain because of his injuries and was having difficulty writing. According to court documents, George assaulted the man with a knife.

The prosecution also emphasized George’s lack of remorse and her drug use, saying her continued presence is “triggering” for her neighbors, and she has continuously disrupted the safety and peace of the neighborhood.  

“She does not want to better herself,” the prosecution said.

The prosecutor asked for consecutive sentences since there are multiple victims in the case.

George’s defense attorney, Peter Cooper,  argued that the underlying root of the crime was George’s mental health.The PCP she uses is to “self-medicate,” Cooper said. 

“What are we doing here? What do we hope to achieve in these rooms, in these buildings?” Cooper said.

Incarceration without any mental health and drug treatment would not be helpful as George will eventually be re-released into the community, Cooper argued. 

“Locking her up” would only be “kicking the can down the road,” he said. 

Judge Di Toro agreed that mental health treatment would be necessary and important in George’s case going forward. 

“There is room for both punishment and rehabilitation,” she said.

Judge Di Toro acknowledged the pain and disruption caused by George’s actions, especially to the elderly victim. She also reiterated the argument made by the defense that the intended outcome is George’s successful reintegration into the community.

Along with George’s sentence, she will also be placed under 18 months of supervised probation, which will require her to have a mental health assessment. Additionally, George is required to provide $100 to the Victims of Violent Crime Fund.

Upon hearing the sentence, George became visibly emotional and called out “love you,” to someone in the court. 

“Love you too, keep your head up,” George’s loved one responded as George was escorted out of the court.

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