Attorney Seeks to Challenge Competency Report on Defendant Accused of Murdering his Father

A DC Superior Court judge continued a June 10 mental observation hearing for a homicide case after the defense attorneys said they wish to challenge the Department of Behavioral Health’s (DBH) report on their client’s competence to stand trial.

Christian Arndt is charged with second-degree murder while armed for allegedly beating his 54-year-old father, Donald Arndt, to death with a bat on Jan. 28, on the 3300 block of Newark Street, NW. The 28-year-old defendant is currently being held at DC Jail.

A recent DBH report stated that Arndt is competent to stand trial.

During the June 10 hearing, defense attorney Phil Andonian objected to the DBH’s conclusion. Andonian said he was unable to read the report, but spoke directly with the doctor and said he has “serious concerns” about her findings. 

Andonian requested 60 days to read the report and retain an independent expert to evaluate his client. Judge Neal Kravitz scheduled parties to reconvene on Aug. 12. 

Lizzie Brennan wrote this article.