Convicted Murderer Maintains Innocence During Sentencing

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Even though a man, who was convicted of two murders, continued to say that he did not commit either crime, a judge sentenced him Oct. 25 to 52 years in prison. 

Terik McLeod was found guilty July 26 for killing a man and a minor. McLeod, 33, was found guilty of second-degree murder while armed for shooting Devaun Drayton, 17, on the 700 block of 26th Street, NE in 2004. McLeod was also found guilty of first-degree murder while armed with aggravating circumstances for shooting Carlton Fisher, 23, on the 1100 block of 21st Street, NE in 2006. The first trial resulted in a hung jury after nearly two weeks of jury deliberations.

Devaun Drayton

“I’d like to apologize to the families but I ain’t do it,” McLeod said. “They really don’t care about justice. They just care about a conviction.”

Fisher’s teenage daughter gave a victim impact statement during the sentencing, noting that her father had been killed before her first birthday. 

Carlton Fisher

“When my father was killed a part of me was killed too,” she said. 

Fisher’s daughter also presented a poster she made to the court, which was covered with photographs of her father.

According to the prosecution, McLeod killed Fisher, who was shot seven times, because he was a witness testifying for the prosecution in the Drayton case. 

The prosecution requested that McLeod be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

“If there is any type of conduct we must deter it is conduct where someone goes after a witness,” said the prosecutor. 

McLeod’s actions set off “an innumerable series of violence,” said the prosecutor. “He was actively out in the community using those firearms against members of the community.”

One of McLeod’s defense attorneys argued that his client should have an opportunity for rehabilitation. 

“He’s going to do a significant amount of time and there’s no doubt that he deserves it,” said Michael Madden, McLeod’s defense attorney. “He does not need to be locked away, caged for the rest of his life.”

DC Superior Court Judge Ronna Beck said the only reason she didn’t give McLeod a life sentence was because of his youth at the time of the crimes. 

McLeod was 18 and 20, respectively when the crimes were committed. Judge Beck said his brain was not fully developed at that age. 

“It is certainly my view that Mr. McLeod is not someone who can be returned to the community until he is much, much older,” Judge Beck said. 

D.C. Witness previously reported that according to the prosecution McLeod killed Drayton over a stolen firearm. 

“I don’t have enough words to give you to tell you how much I miss him,” said Drayton’s younger brother during his victim impact statement. 

Judge Beck sentenced McLeod to 14 years in prison for Drayton’s murder and 38 years for Fisher’s. She ordered that the sentences be served consecutively. According to DC Courts, McLeod received credit for time served.

After completing his prison term, he is required to serve five years of supervised release after his prison term. 

“If you murder a witness who’s cooperating with the government you can expect to spend most, if not all, of your life in jail,” said Judge Beck. 

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