D.C. Witness Shifts Gears

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Dear readers,

We are in strange times that demand exceptional measures.

To that end, until the DC criminal justice system picks up normal activity again, or something approaching normality, D.C. Witness is going to change its approach to fulfilling its mission of bringing transparency to the justice system.

For as long as this lasts, D.C. Witness will also provide daily and weekly updates of what is happening across the entire DC criminal justice system.

We will do this by reporting on the number of individuals in DC Jail who have contracted the virus, the number of arrests, daily proceedings that are happening in Superior Court, the state of DC jail, new criminal justice policies and COVID19-related news.

We will also continue to track and report on homicides in the city.

Please let us know if there are other issues you, the reader, feel we should cover and we will endeavor to do so.

Please share your ideas with us at info@dcwitness.org.


Amos Gelb – publisher

LaTrina Antoine – editor-in-chief.

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