Defendant Accepts Plea Deal for 2021 Stabbing

On Sep 13, a defendant accepted a plea offer in connection to a 2021 killing. 

Christian Monge, 27, was originally charged with second-degree murder while armed, and carrying a dangerous weapon outside a home or business while armed for his alleged involvement in the stabbing death of 31-year-old Brittanie Clark. The incident occured on Aug. 31, 2021, on the 5000 block of First Street, NW, after an altercation between Clark and Monge’s girlfriend.

The prosecution extended an offer to Monge that required him to plead guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter while armed  in exchange for a dismissal of all other charges.

Parties agreed to a sentence of 13 years incarceration and 5 years of supervised release. 

DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun went through all the procedural questions to ensure Monge understood the conditions of pleading guilty, and ensured that Monge wanted to proceed with the plea.

A sentencing hearing was set for Nov. 20. 

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