Defendant Pleads Guilty in Sexual Abuse Case

During a Nov. 21 hearing, a 30-year-old Maryland man pleaded guilty to second-degree child sex abuse.

On Aug. 31, 2021, Child Protective Services in Prince Georges County, Md., received an anonymous phone call in connection with the sexual abuse of a 9-year-old girl, according to court documents. The information was then transferred to the DC Child and Family Services Agency. 

The victim stated that on Jan. 1, 2021, she was getting ready for a birthday party at home. She was in the shower when the defendant, the victim’s father, came into the bathroom and began to question her about what she had been watching on her phone. She told him that she had clicked on a link that sent her to a pornographic website where she saw naked men and women. 

The defendant proceeded to expose his private parts to the victim and motioned her to come towards him. The victim described how she was very scared and her body was shaking. The defendant told her to put her mouth on his private part and then put it in her mouth. 

The victim stated that this only happened once, and she didn’t tell her mother because she didn’t want to get in trouble. 

On Sept. 8, 2021, detectives interviewed the defendant at his home in Maryland. The defendant stated that on an unknown date in December of 2020, he was at the victim’s home as he searched her web history and came across pornographic websites.

He said he then told the victim to get in the shower, and he intended to whoop her while she was in the shower. In the bathroom, he confronted her about what he had found on her phone. 

The defendant stated that as an attempt to “scare her straight” he took his penis out and told her to put her mouth on it.

He said the victim looked “frantic” and was shaking in fear.

“I definitely put my penis in her mouth,” he told police. He also mentioned that it was not erect so he used his hand to put it in her mouth, saying it was only  “a quarter of the tip” and it was only in her mouth for a “hot second.”

The defendant also said he was confronted by someone regarding the sexual abuse and was fully aware that their conversation was being recorded.

DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt accepted the defendant’s guilty plea for second-degree child sex abuse.

The defendant is set for sentencing on Feb.16, 2023. 

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