Defendant Pleads Guilty to Assault on Co-worker

During a July 19 hearing, a defendant pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. 

William Rausch, 42, was originally charged with third-degree sex abuse. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault in front of DC Superior Judge Marisa Demeo

According to a proffer of facts, on March 17, 2011, a woman went out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with her colleagues. When she went back to the office to retrieve her coat after the night out, she got trapped in the entrance way of the double door. Rausch was contacted because he had the keys to unlock the doors. Upon his arrival, he unlocked the interior door and told the victim that he wanted to speak with her in which she readily accepted. 

Rausch then locked her into a conference room, turned off the lights, pushed her against the table, and pressed himself against her backside.

Rausch pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault that holds the potential penalty of 180-days in jail and/or a fine of $1,000. 

Judge Demeo scheduled the sentencing hearing for Sept. 16.

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