Defendant Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Woman in Her Apartment

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A DC Superior Court judge sentenced a defendant on felony sex abuse charges for forcing himself on a woman in her Kingman Park neighborhood apartment.

Richard Goodwin came to the apartment at the victim’s invitation in February 2021 and attempted to initiate non-consensual sexual contact, according to the prosecution. Despite her resistance, the defendant forced himself on her twice before leaving the scene.  

“The crimes to which Mr. Goodwin pled guilty are horrendous and outside any range of what we should be able to expect from anyone in this community,” Judge Neal Kravitz said. 

Goodwin, 29, was arrested within hours of the assault. He was initially charged with first-degree sexual abuse but pleaded out on two counts of third-degree sexual abuse as part of an agreement with prosecutors. As part of the agreement, both parties recommended concurrent prison sentences in the two to four-year range.

Judge Kravitz acknowledged defense attorney Jason Tulley’s description of the offense as out of character for his client as well as Goodwin’s difficult upbringing and current family situation. Still, he said the crimes “warrant a significant period of incarceration.”

“To the extent there’s mitigation here, it has already been accounted for in the plea agreement,” Judge Kravitz said.

After hearing from attorneys and considering their arguments, Judge Kravitz sentenced Goodwin to two years for each charge. The sentences will run concurrent. The defendant, who has been held at DC Jail since his arrest, will receive credit for time served. 

As a result of his convictions, Goodwin will be required to register as a sex offender for ten years. He will spend five years on supervised release once he finishes serving his time.

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