Defendant’s Murder Charge Dropped Per Plea Deal

A co-defendant’s murder charge was dropped as part of a deal he made with prosecutors.

Cousins Kurt and Demonte Hewitt were previously charged with second-degree murder while armed in connection with the shooting of Tyshon Perry on May 1, 2018 on the 1300 block of 2nd Street, NE.

Earlier this month, Kurt Hewitt, 21, agreed to plead guilty to two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of second-degree burglary in exchange for the prosecution dropping the murder charge, D.C. Witness previously reported. At the time, the prosecution said a plea offer is still under consideration for Demonte Hewitt.

During the Oct. 27 hearing, 19-year-old Hewitt pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon, simple assault and felony threats. As with his cousin, the prosecution agreed to drop the murder charge.

Defense attorney Jessica Willis asked for her client’s release, saying he has been held in the custody of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) since May 2018. The defendant is also currently working towards his GED, she said.

The prosecution opposed the release request because he pleaded guilty to violent felonies. The prosecution also said the victims’ families were in court virtually and oppose the defendant’s release.

Judge Neal Kravitz denied the request due to the defendant’s admitted behavior.

Demonte Hewitt is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 21.