Defense Angry with Prosecution for Failing to Deliver Indictment

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At a felony status conference on March 3, the defense threatened to request a defendant’s release and appeal a homicide case after the prosecution failed to deliver an indictment but requested an extension.

Maurice Williams, 19, and Seaun McDowney, 18, are charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection to the murder of Marquette White. On Jan. 21, 2022, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) responded to a call for a shooting on the 3800 block of Commodore Joshua Barney Drive, NE. Upon arrival, police found White, 20, suffering from a gunshot wound. He succumbed to his injuries later that night. 

At the hearing, McDowney’s defense attorney, Roderick Thompson, expressed frustration with the prosecution for their failure to deliver the indictment in a timely manner.

However, the prosecution felt there was not enough adequate time to file the indictment and requested that the deadline be extended to April 17, a month later than the original deadline.

Upon the request, Thompson stated that McDowney’s rights to an indictment were being violated and if the prosecution’s request was granted, the defense would request McDowney’s immediate release and would take the case to the court of appeals. 

William’s defense attorney, Brian McDaniel, agreed with Thompson’s statement.

DC Superior Court Judge Michael O’Keefe rejected the prosecution’s request for an extended deadline and set the next hearing date for the day before the original indictment deadline.

The next hearing is slated for March 16. 

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