Defense Attorney Withdraws from Sex Abuse Case  

DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt granted defense attorney Leo Alley’s motion to withdraw from a sex abuse case on Sept. 19.  

The 56-year-old defendant will now be represented by Dean Gregory

During a Sept. 19 hearing, Gregory filed a motion of discovered information regarding a perjured testimony provided by the victim in front of the Grand Jury. Gregory requested the testimony be dismissed. 

“To legitimize the sexual assault allegations the defense wrote, the complainant falsely testified before the Grand Jury,” he said. 

The specifics of the testimony were redacted from court documents.

Judge Brandt needs more evidence to make a decision on the motion for the testimony to be dismissed. The prosecution has two weeks from Monday to file an opposition.

On Aug. 23, the victim was approached by the defendant who was a staff member of a facility located at 1900 block of 4th Street, NE.  The defendant allegedly told the victim that she was very attractive and wanted to know when she was being released, so they could possibly “hook up.” Once they entered the elevator the defendant allegedly grabbed the victim’s hand and pulled it to touch his clothed penis. According to court documents, the victim responded by saying “hold on,” but the defendant allegedly proceeded to unclothe his penis and placed her hand on his exposed body part.

The defendant is released personal recognizance and has to abide by a stay-away order that was issued on Aug. 26. 

He is expected to return before the court via Webex on Jan. 10.