Defense Discusses Plans to Test DNA Evidence Ahead of Homicide Trial 

A defense attorney discussed his plans for testing DNA evidence in a homicide trial set to begin in April of 2023. 

On Feb. 24, 2019, officers from the Metropolitan Police Department responded to Safari DC Lounge, located on the 4300 block of Georgia Avenue, NW for an alleged fight. Two people, one of which was 30-year-old David Brandon, were brought to a local hospital with gunshot wounds shortly after. The other victim survived and Brandon Randall, 34, was charged with first-degree murder while armed in relation to the homicide. 

Parties in this case discussed what should be used as evidence in the trial during the June 17 hearing.

The prosecutor said there is DNA from the victim’s fingernails and blood that stained the car.

Brandon’s defense attorney, Anthony Matthews, argued that some items should not be admitted as evidence because it only appears to be the victim’s blood-stained clothes. 

Matthews also said Brandon has not submitted a DNA test. 

Matthews requested two motions for independent DNA testing. 

DC Superior Court Judge Milton Lee did not oppose the motions.

The trial is set to begin on April 17, 2023. Parties are scheduled to reconvene on Sept. 9 for a status hearing.