Defense Suggests Two Assailants, Medical Examiner Says Otherwise

A homicide trial continued on Sept. 9 with the prosecution calling four witnesses to the stand. 

Edward Brown, 60, is charged with first-degree murder of a senior citizen while armed, in the fatal stabbing of 77-year-old Michael Mahoney on the 2300 block of 11th St., NW on Feb. 5. 2018.

 The prosecution called the property manager of Mahoney’s residence, who testified to her involvement in finding Mahoney’s body after a requested welfare check by another resident of his apartment complex. Additionally, the prosecution called two Metropolitan Police Department detectives, who spoke to their roles and methods used in investigating the crime scene. 

The prosecution then called a medical examiner who was asked to testify regarding her autopsy examination of the decedent. She testified that from her findings, Mahoney would have died within minutes of his injuries, there was likely only one assailant, and this case was consistent with homicide committed by a sharp blade because of the defensive wounds and puncture marks on his body.

 During the cross examination, defense attorney Kevin Mosley brought into question the possibility of two assailants, the efficacy of the forensic investigators, and Mahoney’s suspected time of death.  

The medical examiner testified wounds were inconsistent with two assailants, praised the city’s forensic investigators, and said that time of death is very difficult to determine but was likely 24-36 hours before the time of autopsy. DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt scheduled the trial to resume on Sept. 9.

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